Danny Jenkins is the founding gallerist at Waterkolours Fine Art Gallery located in historic Memphis, Tennessee. As a self-proclaimed art enthusiast, he has provided the opportunity for others to experience the soul of art for over 30 years. With his humble beginnings of sharing art across black-owned hair salons throughout the south, Jenkins developed a keen understanding of an individual’s desire to see reflections of one’s own history and soul in art. This grassroots insight spurred him toward developing a close relationship with contemporary Black artists, who were often not represented in collections, galleries, and museums. Through his desire to increase representation of Black artists, he committed himself to becoming a scholar and collector of Black art and artists. 

Woodrow Nash sculpture gallery

Through his efforts, he forged relationships with individuals and institutions that have ensured a diverse range of artists would never be forgotten. As a profound monument to his commitment to the arts, Jenkins sought to create a gallery that would responsibly share collections for educational viewing and personal acquisition. Through this approach, Waterkolours is now recognized as one of the most prestigious art galleries in the country. Through his gallery’s collection of works and travels across the country, Jenkins proudly boasts a celebrity client roster that includes Jay-Z and Beyonce, Dak Prescott, Drake, and Kevin Durant and family. His efforts have helped to ensure his featured artists are found in many private collections across the country, as well to support the infusion of diversity in galleries and museums. Most notably, Waterkolours Gallery is the largest collector of Woodrow Nash sculptures.

Danny’s secret to successfully bridging the gap over the past three decades, is to vivaciously celebrate world renowned artists such as Woodrow Nash and Joseph Eze. He passionately seeks to guarantee their art finds homes in galleries, museums and private collections of people who may have never known that art too has a soul.